Dev Parikh | Sotheby’s - Listing HighNote
Dev Parikh
Berkeley, California
Jun 15, 2021

Dev Parikh is an Agent with Sotheby’s Golden Gate in Berkeley, CA with over 15 years experience.

This elegant Listing Presentation provides an introduction of Dev and his team, the strength of the Sotheby’s brand, as well as great examples of the way he will market the property.  Sample listing examples have a similar style to the property that he is promoting, and his video showcases his love of watches to illustrate his attention to detail as an agent.

This very effective presentation includes a great mix of content, and includes the following sections: Overview Web Page, Agent Video, Operational Team Link, Sotheby’s Brand Video and Local Web Pages, a Sample listing web page, Walkthrough and Matterport 3D Videos, Current Listing Page, Sample Marketing Plan pdf, a Sample Marketing Piece, a Title Property Report, a customized Listing Presentation, a Home Value/Sellers Report, a Sample Listing Agreement, and a link to several Zillow Online Reviews and current listings.

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