Echo Fine Properties - Listing Presentation
Jeff Lichtenstein
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Jun 15, 2021

Jeff Lichtenstein is the Founder of Echo Fine Properties, a brokerage in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Jeff’s presentation captures the Florida spirit of his market in a unique, but professional way -- utilizing his love of dolphins to illustrate his commitment to service excellence, local expertise and dedication to his family and community.

This great presentation provides the prospect with everything they need to know about Jeff and his partners, and what they will do to sell the property.  Sections include: Jeff’s personal web page, an article showcasing his company’s philosophy, a customized listing presentation, a video about his brokerage and their Echo Location sales process, a Service Guarantee brochure, 57 Promises flyer, an Animate Brochure and Marketing Plan, a Virtual/3D-VR Home Tour, a Sample Listing Video, a Local Expertise video, Links to Videos about their community, Social Media links and live streams, Referral Network overview, a Sample Weekly Performance Report, a Sellers’ Guide, a Closing Costs Calculator, links to their Blog with helpful selling information and advice, a Sample Listing Agreement, a list of additional, required paperwork, and client testimonials.

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