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Brian Merrion
San Francisco, California
Aug 10, 2022

Brian Merrion is a creative and entrepreneurial leader adept in all aspects of Real Estate brokerage & related technologies. He is highly energetic, ambitious, and passionate about Real Estate, entrepreneurship, and business development. Brian has nearly 20 years of expertise in the real estate industry. He is also a specialist in sales & leasing of commercial, industrial properties and multi-family assets.

This very comprehensive Commercial Property Listing presentation features Village On The Delta, a Bay Area Ready-to-Build Single Family Project located 20 miles from Antioch BART and has scenic area that is poised for growth.

Sections include:

- Isleton Aerial Drone Video

- Site Photography and Aerial Stills

- Village On The Delta Plan

- Tentative Subdivision Map

- Floorplans and Elevations

- Soil Report

- Opinion of Cost Infrastructure

- Isleton Project Conditions

- Lot Map Phase 1 Development

- Main Street Business Map

- Isleton Land Use Planning

- Nearby Developments

- Bart Station Map

- Insurance Map

- About Brian & Rich

- Isleton Flood Pamphlet

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