Chris Lim | Climb Real Estate - Follow-up Listing Highnote
Chris Lim
San Francisco, California
May 4, 2021

Chris Lim is a top-producer and co-founder of Climb Real Estate. He found that splitting the traditional Listing presentation into two separate “pre-listing introductory” and a “follow-up listing” presentations, was better at capturing a prospect’s interest and securing a deal. The pre-listing presentation got a prospect interested, and the follow-up provided the information to close them.

Sections for the Follow-up Listing presentation focus on how to value the property and include: Link to a walk-thru property assessment, link to a square footage analysis, sales strategy overview, target buyer demographic information, timing information, links to several recent neighborhood and area sales as well as the most relevant comp, information on the dangers of over-pricing, pdf of the estimated value/sales price, of the property, a link to a sales and marketing calendar, link to a listing agreement, link to the important of disclosures, a link to a property assessment of what needs to be done prior to the listing, links to testimonials and reviews, a link to the operations team and Chris’ bio, and a link to “why your home isn’t selling” article.

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