Chris Lim | Climb Real Estate - Pre-Listing Highnote
Chris Lim
San Francisco, California
May 1, 2021

Chris Lim is a top-producer and co-founder of Climb Real Estate. He found that splitting the traditional Listing presentation into two separate “pre-listing introductory” and a “follow-up listing” presentations, was better at capturing a prospect’s interest and securing a deal. The pre-listing presentation got a prospect interested, and the follow-up provided the information to close them.  

Sections for the pre-listing presentation include:  Link to Chris’ bio page, link to a video from Chris, link to Chris’ team, links to an overview of Climb Real Estate, links to design and other vendor support, links to different markets/neighborhoods, a marketing timeline, property title report, escrow timeline, home valuation process (no estimate price!), sample listing agreement, Zillow reviews, and a final close as to why to choose Chris.

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