Cody Walker | eXp - Listing Presentation
Cody Walker
Lakewood, Colorado
Jul 13, 2022

Cody Walker is an EXP Realty Realtor/Owner of The Brokerage Group and Co-Founder of Smokineer. He is an experienced Realtor with a demonstrated history helping clients exceed their real estate expectations whether buying, selling, or investing. Skilled in niche team building, networking, fundraising, coaching real estate, and Leadership. Strong entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Business, Management, Marketing, Sports Management and Related Support Services.

"I’ve been able to make a, what I think is, really good pre-listing appointment presentation that includes contract video explanations and marketing materials and process overviews, stats, etc. And I just had a client probably open it 30 or 40 different times before we met. The man had zero questions, and is the most analytical person I’ve met. Huge win in my book!" - Cody Walker

In this amazing presentation, you'll find the comparable sales analysis of the subject property, the comparable sales individually to click through, notes after talking with every agent that's sold in the neighborhood and nearby over the last 6 months to get accurate accounts of buyer wants/needs/comments/offer strategies/feedback/etc, a Seller informational packet he made on selling strategy and mindset, industry analysis on what's ahead (all speculation on trends and data), my thoughts on marketing the house with my sales checklist attached, timing to market, suggestions of preparations to make it market-ready based on your goals, and more.

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