Long & Foster Real Estate HighNote
Mark Choey
San Francisco, California
Apr 15, 2022

Long & Foster Real Estate is the United States' largest privately owned real estate company and the largest global affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate. It has been delivering an all-inclusive experience with its integrated services in real estate, mortgage, settlement, insurance, moving, and more working together, on one team, to give its clients confidence and stability.

This Plug and Play Listing Presentation provides an overview of Long & Foster Real Estate -- an introduction to the brokerage, exclusive Luxury Homes, and its large office presence with thousands of agents and over 200 offices all ready to serve your home buying and selling needs. This very effective presentation includes a great mix of content and includes the following sections: its powerful real estate search site, exceptional services provided to sellers and buyers, and its comprehensive, how-to guide to home selling and home buying for more details on each step in the process.

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