8z Real Estate - Luxury Marketing for Colorado's Most Distinctive Homes Highnote
Aubrey Gordon
Denver, Colorado
Jun 15, 2021

8Z is a Colorado brokerage.  They’ve crafted a variety of different HighNote presentations that focus on different aspects of the listing process.  

This stylish presentation showcases how 8Z markets a property.  8Z’s tagline is “Each home has a unique story” and the featured listing page showcases a variety of unique and different properties to reinforce that messaging.

The remaining sections show examples of how the property will be marketed -- using the same property to show visual continuity throughout the marketing campaign and providing viewers with a cohesive overview on the marketing resources that 8Z offers their clients.    

Sections include: Featured Listings web page, property website, custom brochure sample just listed postcard samples, and photos of social media posts.

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