Cara Milgate | Intero - “You’re now a Homeowner” Presentation
Cara Milgate
Union City, California
Jun 15, 2021

Cara Milgate is a VP/Sales Manager and Intero Real Estate in Northern, CA. She has created several different HighNote presentations that focus on different aspects of the listing process.  

This presentation focuses on letting clients know that they’re now homeowners of their new property, and asks them for a referral and testimonials   Each section provides a direct link to the testimonial page on the specific platform, making it easy for the client to fill out their review. This presentation enables agents to capture positive reviews and referrals at the moment the client is most excited! 

Sections include: A congratulations note from the agent and offer to send them any copies of paperwork, a link to a referral form, and sections with links to testimonials forms on various sites.

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