Addressable connects you with homeowners through high-quality, personalized, handwritten outreach.

Addressable exists to help luxury real estate agents get more seller leads and win.

With their mission to make you stand out in a competitive market. A thoughtful, handwritten card to homeowners in your target neighborhood will be the start of your next listing. And the next one. And the one after that.

With their proprietary technology, an actual ballpoint pen is pressed to paper. Your cards will be written by robots, not printed, and homeowners believe you took the time to personally write to them. They invite you to see for yourself and request a sample.

Their open rates are through the roof because of what we send. How they do it is what really sets you up for success. Beyond their cool writing tech, our end-to-end process is designed to drive requests for listings appointments.

Addressable's marketing campaigns are personalized, targeted, automated and deliver measurable ROI.

They solely target homeowners that meet your criteria, and your mailing list will be for your exclusive use. As long as you’re actively mailing in an area, no other agent can mail to the same homeowners.

Founded by former engineers from Facebook, Snowflake, and Epic, they apply the strategy, automation, and trackability of digital advertising to our handwritten card campaigns. You’ll know which leads came from Addressable, so you have full visibility into how we help you achieve your business goals.

They also provide the message to write inside your card. You’ll know just what to say and which message performs best. Because we test them.

With Addressable as your partner, you’ll be automatically unforgettable.